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boiler repairs liverpool
Boiler repair in Liverpool

Boiler service

It’s important to get your boiler serviced through the summer months so you can be prepared for the winter. There are many things that can be looked at in the summer for the cost of £100 that doesn’t mean you will get hit with excessive boiler charges in winter.

When the winter arrives our call volume goes very high, we get an influx of new, existing customers, also dealing with the overflow of insurance companies like British gas, Homeserve, Corgi to name but a few. So to prevent this from happening a good boiler service can save you £100’s in the winter.

What you get from our boiler service?

  • Most importantly we clean out your condensate trap
  • Clean out the magnetic filter
  • Check electrodes this is what ignites your boiler
  • Clean heat exchanger
  • Hot water working properly from taps
  • Heating contols working properly
  • Flue analyser test to check carbon emissions

Cleaning the condensate trap

So they can get get clogged up with carbon particles that need to be washed through, otherwise instead of the water draning out through your condensate drain it backs up into the heat exchanger.

Cleaning the magnetic filter

Your boiler is circulating water around your central heating system and especially with old conventional heating systems, can produce a lot of sludge which will effect the performance of your boiler. The magnet inside the filter collects this sludge and prevents it from clogging up your pump and heat exchanger. This needs to be cleaned out once a year to keep your boiler working at maximum performance.

Checking Electrodes

These can get worn over time and may need to be cleaned or replaced as part of the boiler service. They ignite your boiler once the gas comes through the gas valve.

Heat exchanger

So the boiler circulates water through the heat exchanger to your radiators. The fins can get a load of limescale which needs to be cleaned to make sure performance of boiler is working properly.

Hot water issues

On many of the combi boiler they have hot water that has to run through what we call a plate exchanger. A common problem especially with the Viessmann boilers is they get clogged with black particles which we think comes from the rubber hoses which need to be cleaned out. If your hot water goes really hot then goes cold this is a very common problem with this boiler. Sometimes they need to be replaced with new but can be cleaned out with a descaler and function as normal again.

Heating Controls

Thermostats and programmers now work a lot with batteries as they are wireless. These need changing from time to time. A lot of the wired honeywell programmers the lcd screen can go over time and these need replacing. Also you may want to upgrade your existing controls to a Nest or Hive.

Flue analyser checks

We have a gas flue analyser which checks the performance of your boiler. It tells us readings on how much c arbon monoxide your boiler is producing, carbon dioxide, and general health of your boiler. We also recommend you put a carbon monoxide detector by your boiler just as an added safety benefit.

Landlord gas safety Certificates

We also do annual gas service certificates for landlords which is a legal requirment if you rent out your property. These are done for a price of £80.00

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