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Viessmann boiler installation

There are many things for you to consider before purchasing your new boiler?

Combi boiler:

This boiler gives you instant hot water from the tap. The cold mains water runs through tiny fins in the heat exchanger. This heats the water at high temperatures therefore giving you hot water right away. The heating is run separately from a programmer, it’s very simple to use which is why they are so popular. You may have heard the term condensing combi boiler, all it means is they are more efficient as the gases are used twice in the heating process which makes them more economical. So instead of around 70% they are closer to 90% efficient now. They need a drain to run from boiler to main stack, this should be done internally to prevent freezing but in some cases ran outside and fitted in a way to prevent freezing in winter.

System boiler:

This type of boiler works alongside an unvented hot water cylinder. Combi boilers heat the hot water instantaneously, heated through the hot water cylinder around a coil heating the water secondary inside. Large families all taking showers at the same time impacts on how a combi boiler works. With a separate hot water cylinder the water can be stored so more than one shower can ran at the same time. Water from the taps is mains pressured, meaning you get a much better shower. Downside is the cost of an unvented hot water cylinder along with the boiler.

Conventional boiler:

This type of boiler isn’t fitted anymore, you have two tanks in the loft, one supplies the hot water tank, the other feeds the central heating system. A hot water cylinder normally sited in the airing cupboard where pump, controls, etc are all connected. The problem with this type of system is the labour side would be more expensive and not very economical. Water is tank fed from the loft, meaning the pressure from the taps isn’t that great. Pumps to increase the pressure for showers etc and adds more costs in the future.

How much do i want to spend? Between £500 – £3000

Combi boilers are a bit like purchasing a car, the more you spend the better the boiler in most cases. The cheaper end tend to be Ideal, Ferroli, Heat-line, Vokera. The best of the cheap boilers is Biasi and a lot of landlords tend to fit these. Mid-range boilers you’re looking at Baxi, Glow-worm, Potterton, Ariston. Top end you are looking at Worcester, Viessmann and Vaillant. These are the mainstream boilers on the market at the moment.

How long is it going to last?

Combi boilers have more components inside for health and safety reasons, this means they are prone to break down more easily. Some of the cheaper boilers only offer a 2 year guarantee on date of boiler installation, where the top end boilers offer 10 years guarantee. As you can see that’s a significant difference for the consumer. A decent boiler should last you 15 years, sometimes they last longer or shorter depending on whether the boiler has been serviced or not.

Where should i site the boiler?

The combi or system boiler can be sited pretty much anywhere in the home. Boilers can be put in the loft, garage, bedroom, kitchen, think about how easy it is to run pipework as this can affect the cost in labour etc.

How long is it going to take?

The boiler installation Liverpool is going to roughly take a day to change but it also depends on what system you have set up already. If a combi boilers installed already then it normally takes a day. An open vented system with a tank in the loft will take longer as all the pipework needs to be re-routed and this takes about 3 days. The heating controls need to be fitted, hive or nest which can take longer to set everything up.


The best thing to do is give us a call. We will go over the different types of boiler with you and choose the best boiler installation for you.

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