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You have the option to request a female plumber, a lot of people have requested this service over recent years and with more women starting to join the trade can offer this facility.

When you are inviting tradespeople into your house its important for the persons who’s house it is to feel comfortable when you are effectively inviting strangers into your home.

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Can a female plumber do the same job?

More than capable to do the same job as a man, our female plumber can fix anything from broken taps to fitting a new boiler.

How do i request a female plumber?

You can either request it on the telephone or just use our contact form and request female plumber.

Why have one?

It’s all about not feeling vulnerable in your own home, some women are more into practical work and are wanting to go into trades. The amount of customers that are female have commented how nice it is to see a woman in the trade and that I am giving them that opportunity.

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Women in the industry

The job can be quite dirty at times and this can put a lot of people off, especially blocked toilets. There are a lot more aspects to the job, changing washers, fitting taps, baths, showers etc and that is just on the plumbing side. On the gas side of things a power flush is probably the dirtiest side of the job but in the main repairing boilers and fitting a new boiler is fairly clean work.

With the way of the world and equal opportunities not every woman wants to sit in an office, there are women like men don’t want to be academic but want more practical hands on work.

If you are female and would like the opportunity to join our team if you send your CV over we will be more than happy to have a look and offer you a great and rewarding opportunity.