boiler repairs liverpool

Boiler repairs Liverpool

  • We can repair your boiler for a fixed fee so no costly repairs
  • Fast response time
  • Boiler repairs Liverpool cost around £100 to fix
  • Gas safe engineer available to you day and night to come and fix your boiler
  • Many boiler parts are in stock so no need to wait for repairs
  • Boiler parts are available in 24 hours if not stocked in the van
  • Most boiler repairs Liverpool have their own unique faults and with over 20 years of experience we can diagnose faults straight away
  • Professional and courteous whilst in your home
  • If a new boiler is required then we can go through the different brands to suit your requirements.
  • All our gas engineers are fully qualified and on the gas safe register, this used to be called Corgi

Gas engineer with you straight away

  • Our gas engineers are ready to get to you as fast as possible, please take into consideration work in the city centre and rush hour traffic. Response time, an hour from phone call…
  • Diagnostics 20 mins
  • A lot of boilers tend to have their own little quirks, with over 20 years of boiler repairs Liverpool will have you back up and running as soon as possible.
  • If you have the likes of British gas homecare plan, Corgi or homeserve you could be wating weeks for a gas engineer to attend your property. We guarantee somebody will be with you in 2 hours from your phone call.

Things to check before calling us

  • Pressure in the system between 1-2 bar
  • Thermostat clicking on and off if it’s the dial type on the wall
  • Batteries hann’r ran out on the remote
  • Gas card in credit, check to see if gas at the hob
  • Boiler can’t be reset
  • Boiler still under maufacturers guarantee

Boiler Repair near me

We are based in Aigburth but will cover all of Liverpool, with access to the M57, and Queens Drive, and can get to all areas easily.

A list of error codes for different boilers

Worcester Error codes

EA 227 is a popular error on the greenstar boiler. This is due to no ignition and can be narrowed down to a number of things

  • A blocked condensate pipe, either frozen or carbon deposits blocking the syphon
  • Electrodes or flame failure not working
  • Gas valve not opening

Worcester Boiler Repair Liverpool

Having an engineer on site that knows what they are doing is invaluable to fix your issue. With over 20 years experience working on the Worcester boilers I can diagnose the fault within around 15 mins. It depends whether you want to wait for an to fix your problem straight away or pay lots of money on parts before the fault is rectified.

Worcester Fan

A lot of the worcester boilers have the same problems especially the greenstar version. The fans tend to be the major component with this model and is the the most common fault when calling out to this Worcester boiler repair.

The fan is what removes the harmful gases from your boiler to outside. A typical fan repair would be around £380.00

Worcester boiler manifold

These get pinhole leaks which are hard to spot the first thing you will see is water spraying out of the boiler. Unfortunately they need replacing after a certain time and is not a short term fix.

Worcester flow turbine

On the right hand side of the boiler if you notice dripping coming from underneath it’s probably the hot water cartridge that needs replacing.

Vaillant boiler repair Liverpool

So the Vaillant boiler is very popular and in my opinion the best boiler on the market. The customer service, the product for me beats the competition when it comes to finding a boiler and this is what I would install in my house.

F75 Fault

The F75 error code will display when your boiler can’t register a pressure change when the pump turns on. This usually happens because of a faulty pump or if there’s a problem with the water pressure sensor.

F61 Fault

These boilers tend to get what we call an F61 fault. In the manual it sais it’s the gas valve bit it’s actually the PCB that is faulty. This is the main control board that runs the boiler. A voltage to the gas valve is not strong enough from the PCB causing the gas valve not to open.

F22 Fault

This is due to low water pressure which is either caused by a leak or needs topping up with the filling loop to between one and two bar

F28 Fault

When your boiler fails to ignite 3 times, the boiler will shut down and turn off. This could be a gas valve issue or condensate blocked, you wil need to call us out to fix this.

F20 Fault

This error code indicates that your boiler has overheated and requires time to cool down and restore to a safe operating temperature.

Also the diverter valve can leak on this boiler over time and needs ro be replaced

Baxi boiler repairs Liverpool

Most common fault with baxi boilers is the diverter valve, these can leak from where the motorised valve sits and also the hot water diaphragm becomes perforated over time and needs replacing.

Spare parts

We carry spare parts in the van, if we can’t get them that day from the merchant, express delivery the following day.

Boiler repairs Liverpool, UK – Provided by licensed heating engineers.

We have been trained and our own experience becomes invaluable when diagnosing boiler repairs.

If you are looking for Boiler service in Liverpool – Give us a call

We fix Worcester, Baxi, Viessmann, Vaillant, Biasi, Ariston, Vokera, and basically all types of boiler repairs.

£100 is our call-out charge which covers the first hour, and £50 p/h thereafter.

Customer Help

Boiler to be filled between 1 and 2 bar

If you have a gas card, make sure you have your gas topped up.

If your boiler is displaying an error code, please make a note of this before calling us.

Also if you tell us the symptoms of the boiler over the phone that can give us a good indication as to what the problem could be.

Who Should you call if your boiler stops working?

Give us a call 07927062866 or 08001933006

How much is a boiler service in Liverpool?

We offer boiler servicing from £80.

Is it worth it repairing a boiler?

The question really depends on your boiler’s age and the issues present, give us a call. We will check it out and figure out the best solution for your boiler.

Can a plumber fix my boiler?

If you are not looking to use us, make sure your plumber is gas safe registered.

Is it better to repair or replace a boiler?

Once again it depends on the state the boiler is in at the present, it is always better to get a professional’s or a few professional’s opinions on the situation, we will never recommend a new boiler if it is not necessary.

How long does it take for a plumber to fix a boiler?

This really depends, we can get your boiler up and running in a few hours, but if it is a larger issue it may take a few days to fix.

Is replacing a boiler a messy job?

Too many plumbing companies make a note of not cleaning up after themselves, we will replace your boiler with minimum noise, disruption, and mess.

Is your boiler acting up again? It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, leaving you and your family without any hot water or heating. Don’t panic! Our certified personnel have decades of combined experience repairing boilers of all types, including conventional and combi. we provide comprehensive boiler servicing and breakdown services to keep your home warm and comfortable all year round. Potential covered by your warranty.

Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Our company takes pride in having directly employed Gas Safe registered engineers who are highly skilled in diagnosing and repairing boiler issues. We understand that losing both hot water and heating can be a major inconvenience, which is why we provide a prompt and efficient response to all heating breakdowns. Our team has the expertise and experience to identify the problem and carry out necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Wide Coverage And excellent plumbing service

We cover all of Liverpool and Merseyside. No matter where you are located in the area, our team of experts can quickly attend to your property and fix your boiler issues. We offer labor-only services, which means that if new parts are needed, we will source these at our cost.

Immediate Response To your boiler breakdown

We know that a broken boiler requires an immediate response, which is why we strive to attend to your property as soon as possible. Our team can often attend immediately or schedule a suitable time for our engineers to attend your property, which can be tailored around your calendar.

Access to Most Parts

We have access to most boiler parts from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. However, there are some parts that may require overnight shipping. We source all parts from reputable manufacturers, and most parts come with a 12-month guarantee.

Customer Satisfaction

customer satisfaction is our top priority. As a family-owned business, the majority of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. We take pride in providing reliable and affordable services to our clients, ensuring that their central heating systems are working efficiently and safely.

A broken boiler can be a major inconvenience, but with us, you can rest assured that your issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Our team of Gas Safe registered engineers has the expertise and experience to fix all types of boiler problems. Contact us today for quick and reliable boiler repairs in Liverpool and Merseyside. We also offer services to landlords and can provide repairs to boiler manufacturers, combi boiler or gas boilers

we also offer Landlord boiler repair or boiler repair Liverpool for landlords.

Is it worth repairing a boiler?

What specific issues are you experiencing with your boiler? How old is it? Have you had a professional assessment of the repair costs and potential lifespan of the boiler? These factors can influence whether it is worth repairing the boiler or investing in a new one. In general, if the repair cost is high and the boiler is old, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new one. However, if the repair cost is reasonable and the boiler is still relatively new, it may be worth repairing to extend its lifespan.

Is boiler repair classed as an emergency?

It depends on the situation. If a malfunctioning boiler poses a safety hazard, such as a gas leak or risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, then it would be considered an emergency and should be addressed immediately by a qualified professional. If the issue is less urgent, such as a minor leak or reduced efficiency, it may not require immediate attention but should still be addressed in a timely manner to prevent further damage and maintain the performance of the boiler. It is always best to err on the side of caution and consult with a professional if you are unsure if a boiler repair is an emergency situation.

If you smell gas ring Cadent immediately

Why does the boiler pressure keep dropping?

There are several potential reasons why a boiler’s pressure may keep dropping, such as a leak in the system, a faulty pressure release valve, or an issue with the expansion vessel or pressure gauge. Low pressure can also be caused by bleeding radiators, which can release air from the system and cause the pressure to drop. It is important to address any issues with low boiler pressure as soon as possible, as this can cause damage to the system and affect its efficiency. If you are unsure why your boiler pressure keeps dropping, it may be best to consult with a licensed heating engineer who can diagnose the problem and provide appropriate solutions.

Would a plumber fix a boiler?

Yes, a plumber would typically fix a boiler. Boilers are a type of heating system used in homes and buildings, and they require regular maintenance and repairs to function properly. Plumbers are often trained and experienced in repairing and replacing various components of boilers, such as heating elements, pipes, and valves. If you are experiencing issues with your boiler, it is important to contact a qualified plumber as soon as possible to diagnose and fix the problem. A broken or malfunctioning boiler can cause a range of problems, from reduced heating efficiency to safety hazards like carbon monoxide leaks.

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