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Aigburth Plumbing & Heating is a family run business that has been running for over 20 years. We fix anything from garden taps to full boiler installations. If you want somebody local who will sort your problem out as quickly and efficiently as possible then give us a call!

Most of our work covers all homes in Liverpool and have a great response time. We have an emergency plumber Liverpool available Monday to Sunday, our prices are very good and do not overcharge for our services. Typical call-out and fix charge is £80.00.

Boiler Installations

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  • Gas safe registered installers to do a professional job
  • Clean, tidy, most boiler jobs can be replaced in a day
  • Worcester, Baxi, Viessmann, Vaillant all with guarantee
  • Certificates, benchmarks all completed as standard
  • All boiler installations have a full flush of central heating
  • Fitted with magnetic filters as standard
  • Up to 10 years guarantee
  • Prices start from £1300.00 please call us for a quote

Boiler Repairs

Boiler repairs Liverpool, Worcester combi boiler

  • Gas safe engineers to you within the hour
  • Spare parts kept in van to fix boiler quickly
  • Repairs fixed from as little as £80.00.
  • Good diagnostic skills on a whole range of boilers
  • If the boiler can’t be fixed straight away, next day on parts
  • Worcester, Viessmann, Baxi, Vaillant, Ariston, Glow-worm
  • Boilers repaired as quickly as possible

Emergency plumber

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emergency plumbing
  • Turn off stop cock that supplies water in the house
  • If the pressure has dropped on the boiler, drain central heating system if you know how to
  • We will get an engineer over to you within the hour
  • Drain all water from cold and hot pipes via the kitchen tap
  • Plumber to get to you as fast as possible
  • Fixed and repaired from as little as £80.00.
  • Assess any damage afterwards and advise on best solution


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  • Walls taken back to brick
  • Re-boarded so all walls are straight for tiling
  • Fully designed to your requirements
  • Clean, tidy, professional showroom finish
  • Project managed from start to finish
  • Toilets, baths, Jacuzzi’s, sinks, showers, taps
  • All pipework hidden behind walls and under floors
  • Underfloor heating available

Boiler Installations

Boiler Repairs

Emergency Plumbers

New water mains

Hot water cylinders

Aigburth Plumbing & Heating related issues:

Losing pressure on boiler?

The 1st thing to check is any water by the radiator valves. If these are all dry, there will be a copper pipe that goes outside at the back of the boiler, if this is dripping q boiler part needs replacing. If all seems to be alright you need to call us out.

Water only hot out of taps when Central Heating on?

Normally a problem with diverter valve inside boiler, diaphragm needs to be replaced.

Water bills gone up considerably?

The 1st thing to check is your toilet. Water constantly running into toilet means a part is not working properly. See next point!!

You could have a leak under the house. If the water meter is running all the time and all water utilities are not in operation this is probably the case.

Water constantly running into toilet bowl?

This is normally the water inlet valve, the washers inside wear over time and it’s better to just replace the part. The rubber seal on the bottom of the siphon can wear over time and these are easily replaced.

Banging pipes?

The first thing is to locate were banging comes from, i know it sounds simple but not as easy as you think. Could just mean the pipes have not been clipped adequately normally in the boxing in.

If it’s not the pipes it’s normally a valve that’s causing an airlock. 9/10 it’s the toilet inlet valve.

Dripping taps?

With old taps it used to be quite simple as just changing a washer. Not these days unfortunately, most taps are quarter turn valves and you have to get the exact replacement and guess what? Yes there is lots of them on the market. 9/10 just easier to change the tap.

Shower not getting hot?

Normally the thermostat has gone inside the shower, need to replace thermostat or change shower. I’ve also seen these plumbed in wrong which means the hot and colds have been put in the wrong way.

Water coming through ceiling downstairs?

Normally the sealant around the bath needs to be replaced. Gaps in the grout can subsequently allow water to seep through. Sometimes the seal between the the bath waste and the bath trap is not tight and causes leaks

Shower tray or bath not draining water?

Underneath the tray or bath you will see a trap screwed under the plug hole. Unscrew this anti clockwise until it comes loose, normally hair collect inside of here that you can just pull out. Remove and screw trap back onto thread.

Draining a central heating system

Bleeding a radiator

Removing a tap washer

Replacing a tap washer