power flush a central heating system, central heating clean, sludge removal, magnetic filters

Power flush a central heating system

In most central heating systems at one stage you may need a central heating clean with the power flush machine. Sludge builds up at the bottom of radiators causing them not to work as efficiently. A simple way to see if that is the problem is to feel the bottom of the radiators. Cold at the bottom and hot at the top is a very good indication that this is the issue.

Not only will your radiators not get as a hot but your gas bills will be more expensive as the boiler needs to work harder to heat the room up.

Once our gas safe engineer has flushed your system with the power flush machine and got rid of all the sludge we can begin to protect your system so it doesn’t end up in the same state.

Depending on the state of the central heating system will depend on how long it takes to remove all the sludge. We normally book the day to do a power flush but can be done in less time.

A magnetic filter is also a possible addition which collects all the sludge whilst the water runs around your radiators etc.