Most boilers are not covered under your general home insurance policy. Some insurers do so you need to look through your policy to see if you’re covered or not. Also most insurers will normally charge an excess of if you make a claim which can be very high so it’s important to fully understand your policy. Most people either take out a seperate boiler cover policy or pay for it by credit card or through the bank.

Home Cover

So you will probably need to take out a seperate home cover as boilers are prone to breaking down and they will need repairing especially the older they get. This is why they are not normally covered under your general home insurance policy. If you do decide to take out a seperate home insurance cover then it’s invaluable to shop around as prices can change dramaticaly between different companies. There is also a lot of companies that will take your money every month and when it comes to busy periods eg winter and engineers are booked out everywhere they cannot send someone for several weeks.

Is Home cover right for me?

I would say it depends on the age of your boiler. If you have had to pay a local engineer like ourselves and the boiler is 8 years or older then it’s very much a thing I would take out. A lot of manufacturers offer guarantees on their boiler when it’s fitted than can last 10 years as long as it’s been serviced every year by a gas safe registered engineer.

Home emergency

So depending on what company you use they can get an engineer out to you straight away and if you are freezing the great point of having boiler emergency cover means you can get fixed straight away. We have several cover options if you would like to take out out home emergency cover.

Worcester bosch

£15 Per month

  • Annual service
  • Unlilited repairs
  • Excess £100
  • Engineer within 2 hrs
Central Heating, heating services

£20 Per month

  • Annual service
  • Unlimited repairs
  • Excess £50
  • Enginer within 2 hrs
boiler repairs

£30 Per month

  • Annual service
  • Unlimiited repairs
  • No Excess
  • Engineer within 2 hrs
  • Central heating
  • 24 hr helpline

Why take out our boiler cover?

We have a lot of advantage over our competitors when it comes to boiler cover and here are some bullet points to help you decide

  • Local engineers
  • Gas safe registered
  • 20 years experience
  • Vaillant, Worcester, Baxi, Viessmann trained
  • An engineer within 2hrs of making the phone call
  • Parts in the van
  • Boiler serviced every year

Local Engineers

This is invaluable especially if the weather is reallly treacherous you have engineers based in Liverpool so easier to get to your home if you live in the area.

Gas Safe Registered

Any person working on your boiler needs to be gas safe registered which means you will be safe after our engineers have worked on it.

20 Years Experience

When you haver an engineer call at your house you want to be able to havr rhe peace of mind that it’s going to get fixed as quickly as possible. With the training and experience we can fix your boiler asap you won’t get that with a lot of boiler cover.

Vaillant, Worcester, Baxi, Viessmann trained

Most combi boilers work on the same principle but all have their little quirks. Being trained on the diffrent types of boiler means diagnosing boiler repairs is easier to solve.

An engineer within 2 hrs of making the call

In the cold winter months I have known customers wating over 3 weeks to get their boiler fixed. You will have a gas safe engineer on site within 2 hours

Parts in the van

Now that your boiler has been looked at and the fault diagnosed then you want your boiler uo and running straight away without having to wait days for parts to arrive.

Boiler serviced every year

This is invaluable the amount of boiler repairs we get called out to is because the boiler has not been serviced. It takes around 30 mins and this can be great at stopping any callouts in the winter because your boiler has broken down.