New water mains Liverpool

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Digging the trench for a new water mains in Liverpool. The trench needs to be dug 750 mm down as to prevent freezing in the winter. If you need a new water mains installing then you need to apply through United Utilities. If you click on the link it will take you to the application procedure.

Lead pipe removed and replaced with 25 mm mdpe from the water meter right through to the kitchen. We had to be careful as the Victorian tiled floor inside the doorway could not be damaged in any way.

The whole procedure will take roughly 2 days, so whatever the reason for replacing the lead pipe, leaking, health reasons, or to get better pressure please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can do a survey on the property.

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 08001933006 or 07927062866.

Laying the new pipework

new mains water pipe, 25mm mdpe, replacing lead pipe, water meter

Laying the 25 mm mdpe pipe in the trench. The pipe gets sleeved to protect from vermin, rats from biting through. The bore on the lead pipe is also very small compared to the mdpe pipe.

Once the mdpe pipe is laid and tested, we can then concrete the trench back in. It’s also important at this stage that no dirt gets inside the pipe for obvious reasons. We also insulate the pipe as it’s not expensive and don’t want any problems in the future.

United Utilities will send an inspector around to just check over that the works are done properly. Once this has been approved they will then send the workers out to connect to the water mains at the pavement.

Now that United Utilities have connected onto the water mains it’s our job to make sure the pressure and water utilities within the house are functioning correctly.

Lead pipe replacement

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United Utilities only have to provide 1 bar for the house but I’ve found in the past this is nowhere near enough pressure to run your water utilities in the house.

They normally provide you with around 2 bar which I would say is about right. This can be adjusted a certain times in the day especially if there is a big leak somewhere or at night when people aren’t using the facilities in the house as much.

Now that the pressure is fine and the outlets it’s time to show the customer that everything is working perfectly and to clean up.