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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating has become a very popular source of heating over the last 20 years as radiators can look ugly and this is a more economic way to spread the heat all around the floor to heat up a room instead of just coming from one heat source on the wall.


  • Heat spread all around
  • cheaper to run after initial costs
  • Room stays warmer for longer when the heating is turned off
  • Separate heating zones
  • more efficient
  • improves home value
  • much neater


  • Expensive to install
  • Could get a leak if not properly installed

Head spread around the room

The pipework is embedded into the floor in loops, this can either be in cement, joists, screeds along a very wide surface area. The heat is spread around the room rather than coming from one single heat source like a radiator.

Cheaper to run

Once you have the heating up and running it only needs to run at 30 deg C to warm up the room where typically a radiator would have to run at around 70 degrees. They can also be run off their own thermostat meaning you can control temperatures easily as well.

Room stays warmer for longer

Once the heating is turned on the room heats up very quickly as the pipes cover a large area. Once the heating is tuned off the floor stays warmer for a lot longer. Also radiators cool down very quickly as soon as the heating is turned off.

Separate heating zones

The heating is controlled separately with a thermostat normally outside the room. A probe is either embedded into the floor or is left into the wall and plastered over. This senses the temperature of the room and tells the thermostat to turn on/off the heating accordingly.

More efficient

With the heating spread over large area and temperatures don’t need to get as high it’s much cheaper to run.

Value of home

With the high cost to install the product, because its economical to run will add value to your home.


With all the pipework hidden under the floor, it is far neater than having exposed pipework with a radiator. The only concept that you need is to put the manifold in a cupboard as you can see at the top of the page.


As you can see there are a lot advantages to having the underfloor heating installed in your home. It’s very cost effective and economical for the environment.