• Full survey of bathroom to see how to make best use of space
  • Discuss different styles, modern, traditional, contemporary.
  • Wet rooms, walk-in showers, free standing baths, sinks, toilets
  • All pipework hidden under floors, not exposed
  • Tiled to showroom standard
  • All waste disposed of professionally


There are basically two types of shower on the market, an electric shower which is run off the mains water supply or a thermostatic shower which is run through the boiler.

Electric Shower: Water runs from your mains water supply directly through a heating element in the shower then out of the shower head.


  • Boiler breaks down can still take a shower
  • Cheaper to run
  • Installation is easier
  • Economical
  • Easy to replace when broken

Thermostatic shower: Water either goes through a boiler or hot water tank then straight out of the shower. The water is heated through the boiler first before coming out of the shower.


  • Higher pressure
  • Aesthetically more pleasing
  • More options to install a big shower head etc
  • Better showering experience

Shower pumps

They are fitted to hot water tanks to improve the pressure of the water. On a gravity fed system which basically means you have a hot water thank that is filled by a cistern in the loft the pressure tends to be not great, so a shower pump is fitted to increase the pressure.


  • Very noisy
  • Known to break down quite a bit
  • Uses more water from tank
  • Problems if not installed correctly

If you click on the link below it will tell you all about shower pumps in more detail:


There are lots of different toilets on the market and most will suit the job that you need. Fitting them is very straightforward so it all depends really on what look you are going for in your bathroom.

The normal problems that come with toilets over a period of time is they stop flushing. So when you pull the handle nothing happens. This is caused by the syphon, inside there is a plastic membrane that keeps the air trapped inside so when you flush the air pushed the water out through the waste pipe. When flushing the toilet a normal indicator is you have to push down ther handle a few times before the toilet flushes

You can buy the item seperately from most plumbers merchants but if it’s fitted wrong you have the issue of having to dismantle the toilet again. We normally just change the whole syphon as the part is not expensive and at least you know it’s all brand new.

You have to disconnect the cistern from the main base of the toilet to do this job so we always change the cistern washer at this point as once disturbed when you put the toilet back together again they normally leak.

The other problem that can happen with toilets is the water inlet valve or ball cock over time will stop working. The normal indicator for this on push-button toilets is the water runs through the cistern into the toilet bowl continuously. The idea of these is to stop the water height in the toilet so you have enough water to flush the toilet and this stop it at the right level in order to flush the toilet.

here is a good website to source your spare toilet parts